• Single emergency response number across the country(Dial-112).
  • 24x7 Effective emergency response services for Citizens.
  • Citizens can request help through Voice Call, SOS, SMS, Email, Web Request and Panic buttons.
  • Automatic location identification of the caller/victim.
  • Dynamic emergency response service from the nearest emergency response vehicle.
  • Service from Police, Fire, Medical and Natural Disaster Management Teams.
  • Emergency service coordination from a centralized control center in State capital/UTs.
  • Improves decision making in emergency situation which minimizes response time.
  • Live tracking of emergency response vehicles.
  • Totally 'indigenous' software solution developed by C-DAC.
  • Unified Signal Handling Solution

    • Integrated, single interface to handle emergency and non-emergency signals
    • Universal voice gateway featuring digital, analog, radio and data interfaces
    • State-level distress signal reception and intelligent distribution
    • Call Transfer facility to specific control room agents
    • Cell-based location identification facility using LBS services
    • Digital logging of all conversations (voice/text/image) during event processing
  • Geographical Information System

    • GIS (Geographical Information System) based operations to provide faster service
    • Dynamic GIS map updating facility
    • Facility to issue commands (Call, SMS, View, etc.) from within the GIS Map
    • Geospatial Analysis for identifying risky areas/timings based on crime patterns
    • Geo-fencing and buffering support to critically watch and report sensitive regions
  • Automated Dispatching

    • Availability of Police, Fire and Health dispatching agents at control room
    • Dispatching agents of all services located at district coordination centers
    • Web dispatchers at local emergency service points
    • Concurrent dispatch of events to control room dispatchers and district dispatchers
    • Shortest path analysis to effect efficient dispatch to emergency service vehicles
  • Mobile Data Terminal

    • Tablets with intelligent vehicle tracking/ case management platform
    • Common MDT app for all services with polymorphic view
    • Text/image/video communication support from vehicles
    • Faster communication between control room and Emergency Response Units
    • Dual-mode (GPRS / SMS) data transmission
    • Rescue vehicles? faster response to victims with guidance of control room